The impact and force of people working alltogether for one overall objective is inspiring me like nothing else on this planet. That`s why I decided to practice supply chain management. Here my story: If s.o. needs to go to a hospital he/she will see doctors medicaing patients with medical devices and healthcare products. It is not surprising that hospitals have a huge portfolio of healtcare materials inhouse. They order day-to-day materials from wholesalers or hospital`s warehouse is managed by a vendor. Look, all manufacturers for medical devices and healthcare products are operating a worldwide network of production plants and warehouses. A key challenge of them is to cope with complex business planning situations such as “What product should be sold and manufactured?”, “What inbound materials are needed when?”, and “What is the appropriate transportation & distribution strategy?”. By now, I spent more than 10 years with findung answers to those questions. It is fun because people of different business functions need to collaborate to find one valid and acepted solution. It`s my passion to help companies like the one above improving their supply chains and to look for a better supply chain solution. If I do a good job the manufacturer is able to deliver products to wholesalers and hospitals in the most cost-efficient way. Because of this little Tom, my brother`s 4-years old son, and his dad can play soccer on the street having lot of fun, and if Tom – hopefully not – will harm itself dad can drive him to the hospital that will have the right products at hand to help Tom treating his injury. This becomes real where people are working together for one goal. I regard myself as a “Supply Chain city tour guide”.