Vadxx Energy is a high tech, recycling company that converts recyclable and non-recyclable plastic into higher value energy products. Vadxx’s technology offers an approach that captures the energy embedded in plastics and returns it to a useful form for society, while realizing environmental and social benefits. This conversion process is a valuable alternative for overflowing landfills as well as reducing demand for foreign energy.

Vadxx’s proven technology, which produces no hazardous by-products, continuously converts plastic waste to valuable energy products by cooking, cleaning, and cooling the plastic in a closed and controlled system. The Vadxx proprietary process is run in proven, off-the shelf equipment such as an extruder, boiler, condensers, and closed piping. The cooking is performed in a closed vessel with heat similar to how water is boiled on a stove. The solid plastic melts and turns into a vapor that that is routed through pipes to another closed vessel where it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid. The liquid is then piped to a storage tank and ready for pick up by a tanker truck.