interaction of supply chain can be seen in our life. how the situation can be coped in order to make sure it can be completed smoothly. it can be seen either we are noticed about it or not. For my chain reaction story, i can see from my overview on some situation. it is more how the transportation can be affected in our life. people need a transport in order to carry on their life and to fulfill their needs everyday. every part of transport are related to show that chain from all the direction can be seen. for example, we need transport to get good education. how the transport can brought us to completed our desire. from there, the supply must be there on whatever types transport needed such public transport or private transport can be provided. on that,our demand can be fulfill. not just that, to make an appointment or go out for eating, we need transport. it shows that the chain reaction must have full connection to ensure we can get it. it more on how the process from point of origin to point of consumption of a person chain reaction in their daily life.