I’m Site Manager of Syngenta Bangladesh Site. I’m engaged in Manufacturing operations. As an Operational Leader I need to be engaged with Supply Chain activities actively. Apart from site operation, I am an active member of S&OP team & ROP team. From both Direct and Indirect procurement I am engaged in all CAPEX, New product launching and continuous improvement projects.
From operational perspective, all functions like production, engineering, Plant logistics, Planning, QA, Plant HR and CI report to me directly. In this respect I am fully engaged with all supply chain activities related to manufacturing network.
Monthly catchup call with whole P&S (Production & Supply) team, S&OP, ROP meetings, regular packaging meeting, weekly production review meeting, different projects meeting, CI meetings and sustainability engagements are main coordination calls related to supply chain.
Manufacturing strategy is one of the key part of my responsibility. I am also engaged with regional and country level coordination network as well.