There are variety ways regarding listening to music. Music is a intangible product but have lots of supply chain involved to reach to the end customers. But, in music festivals, artists (musicians) can be regarded as the main product that appeal most to customers buy tickets, whilst other things such as poster&flyer designs, marketing activities, festival facilities&contents and location are also important. This is because people come to the festival to actually feel their favourite artist’s live performance with crowds, although they can listen to music at wherever they like through mp3, CD players, computers, etc. That’s why ticket sales of a music festival highly depend on the artist line-up. In fact, without artists there is no music festival.
I as a director of an edm music festival named in the past used to work with four major agencies.
1. Artists Agency = Global and local artists management (booking, contract, airport pickup, hotel, stage care)
2. Production & Systems company = All the facility related works (stages, sound system, booths, vip zone, playground, etc)
3. Promotion & Marketing company = ticket sales, website, social media, prints, campaign, etc
4. Operation = e.g. negotiating with city council, managing sponsorship, and organising all the works at the festival.
Each agencies above also worked with around 5 to 10 other companies e.g. F&B and printing company, and there are many sponsor companies doing promotional activities at the festival involved as well. That’s why I usually say more than 30 companies were involved with my company’s festival.
These were my supply chain?