It is so difficult to think of just one supply chain! Mostly I am a consumer I buy things to use then I add to my rubbish or recycling (my head is starting to spin if I then try to add waste handling & processing). But I do fit into a supply chain with something creative and as an alternative to adding to my household waste.

I have 2 small children and lots of cast off baby clothing. Many items have been redistributed to friends and family but there were some things that were too used and scruffy to be worn by another baby but the print on the fabric was too lovely to throw away. That is when I decided to make a quilt made out of patches from the old clothes. The first one I made was for my niece Scarlett; it was just big enough for her cot. My sister-in-law gave me her favourite pieces of Scarlett’s old clothing to be chopped up into appliqué hearts and squares for patches, and I sourced the other materials (e.g. batting, thread, pins, temporary adhesive, cotton backing, bias binding etc.) from on-line stores. My mum (a very good seamstress) was my technical support for the project. Scarlett’s quilt has been in her cot with her every night now for over a year and just a few weeks ago, I completed one for my son with stars instead of hearts, for a full sized single bed.