When I was still a student I was very confused about what I want to study at university and what I would like to work after graduation. Therefore, my mother picked a major for me at the same university where my brother was studying (I am originally from Bulgaria but I did my Bachelor in Bremen) so that we could be together abroad and support each other. This major was logistics. I know nothing about it at that time. That’s why I did a research what it is about and what can I work with it. I really liked what was written in the Internet and so I applied and got in.
On my first lecture the professor introduced us better to what we were going to study and what exactly was logistics about. By that time I was primary thinking it has to do mainly with transportation so I was fortunate to hear that it included much more. My university was more or less putting an equal sign between supply chain and logistics.
After my bachelors in logistics I was sure that this is what I am going to do by the rest of my life. I was everything I wanted. That’s why I decided to apply for a supply chain management master program.
Since my first year in my undergraduate studies I have done 3 internship in different parts of the supply chain process. The first one was in a freight forwarder company, the second – in strategic procurement at Airbus, and the third – in inbound transportation at Amazon. Currently, I am a working student in the outbound transportation department at Amazon. All of my work experience was very interesting and challenged me daily.
It might have been a very happily coincidence that I went into supply chain and my initial reasons might not have been well aligned, but I am very happy that this happened as I am sure that I wound not have liked it to do anything else. I know that with SCM i can basically work in any company and in many different departments so my future will never be boring.