I started out in my little supply chain after I was disabled in a car accident 18 years years ago. Before than I was very busy raising my young son while taking care of my retired mother and working full-time and attending antique shows with my mother for several years before that. After my accident I sold every thing I did not need in order to pay bill’s. Eventually my health began to get a bit better and I could not work full time or even part time but I could work for short time and sell my old items and small antiques that were easy to carry and cheap to buy from the people who no longer wanted Aunt Agatha’s tea pot and other household items. Eventually I was able to visit the United Kingdom where many of the porcelain and glass item’s I sold on to new owners, had been made. It has been a facinating evolution of my skills and the eventual delivery to a customer has been re awaken by myself keeping these items from the garbage dump and selling them on at a nominal price to new appreciative owners. A kind of recycling of old and sometimes not wanted treasures rediscovered. Or one persons junk is another treasure.