Recently I purchased a second-hand bicycle on Ebay for £35 without seeing it. I didn’t want to purchase a new bicycle due to funds and I am keen on recycling. The Seller said he was going to throw it away as it was his stepson’s, no longer needed as he was in Australia. I took it home and decided to take it to a local bike shop where I have purchased new cycles from previously. They checked it over – adjusted the brakes, gears and buckled front wheel and had it ready for collection the same day. Last weekend, I spent half a day cycling on the new bike. During the ride the gears failed – do I take it back to the shop (who said they had fixed the gears for free), try to fix it myself (thanks to my Dad, I spent many years learning about fixing bikes), return it to the Ebay seller (who kindly said bring it back if you have a problem), sell it on for spares or scrap it?