I am a 5th generation farmer totally disillusioned with the food and farming industry. The very long supply chain has separated consumers from producers and both get a bad deal. As farmers we get around £100/tonne for the onions we grow on the farm yet see the same onions on a Tesco shelf priced at the equivalent of £850/tonne!

To help change this I set up bigbarn.co.uk to reconnect people with local producers and retailers and cut out the middle men and big supermarkets. The exciting news is that local food is fresher, better and often cheaper like for like. We have 7,000 local food outlets on our local food map and 560 in our amazon type online MarketPlace. We get 3,500 visitors per day and even invite local people to join their local food industry with our Crop For The Shop initiative to drastically cut supply chains, food miles and cost!

So please visit bigbarn.co.uk and find your local food, and even join in by growing food and selling via icons on our map flagged with a carrot. If your local food outlet is not on our map please email [email protected] or tell them to contact us and get a carrot flag to become a local food champion!