As a supplier in the construction industries, raw materials is an important phase that need to emphasize in order to avoid any hiccup in delivering the product. As for knowledge, basic materials in producing concrete is consist of sand,aggregate,water and chemical. In the construction industry, every pour of concrete that we delivered to the site will be harden within 2 to 4hour. Let say while producing the concrete, there is a hiccup in the process as there is not enough material and delivery of concrete to the site will cause delay. Term delay in this chain is that we cannot complete the delivery of concrete to every structure that we supply as whenever we start the pour, we need to complete the pour of every structure that customer order to us. If failed to do so, structure that not complete will be hack off and will rebuild again. Imagine the cost that need to be bare by the developer if they need to hack and rebuild again. In this cases, of course developer will pin point us back as we is the root cause for this problem because cannot complete the delivery and just because the shortage in materials, we cause company to suffer loss.

In this case, how we can avoid this things from happened. For supplier of concrete, we need to source several supplier of raw materials so that we can have choice if we face any shortage. Let say if we just get the raw materials from only sole supplier, what will happened if this supplier cannot commit us upon request. Of course while production will hiccup as shortage in raw materials. If we source many supplier, this issue will not be happened unless there is the doom in the industry that we cant avoid.