From day 1 we wanted to create a sustainable product from oceanic and environmental waste. The only way to achieve this was to look closely to our supply chain. Which parts of this chain could really become a change for the environment. Could we start with raw materials? Did we had to change a suppliers way of manufacturing? Or could we use existing materials, never been used before in the furniture industry.
As a fact we knew the world is polluted with plastic waste, so there had to be a solution to start from there. Redesign an old fashion product, or redesign the way of manufacturing. How about both?
A lot of questions where we normally not think about, a product exist out of a regular supply chain. After a little while of testing with materials and plastic waste we found out that to create a real sustainable product we have to take control over our own supply chain. A lot of suppliers where not ready to take a new step. (and this was only 5 years ago)
Interaction with our own supply chain was actually an easier step to take then change a supplier.
So after that first year we had our product partly made out of our own chain of ideas.
The time is right that suppliers are realizing they have to do something against the environmental problems, so more and more sustainable supplies are offered.
We believe that every industry for every part in every chain can go back to the drawing table and connect the dots again.
In parallel of this development for manufacturing we had to focus on our clients. Create the awareness that they where going to buy what look and feels luxurious but in the meantime made from plastic waste. Social media communication has become the last year an enormous value for our brand. Connect again the dots; problems from the past, solutions for the future!