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What makes my coffee taset so good?

As a passionate coffee drinker I am a critical end-customer. I started years ago with the convenience of a full automatic espresso machine, but am


Falling on your Feet

Falling on your Feet began with spotting a gap for a dance programme - it began with an idea. No-one was supplying a dance and health programme for ov


Part of Ebay’s supply chain

A couple of weeks ago I sold an item on Ebay, which made me directly a part of Ebay's supply chain. By using their platform for advertising my product


Pangaea Poetry!

As a project manager with Pangaea Poetry, I'm responsible for the supply chain of creating poems to express the concept of supply chains. I oversaw th


From Field to Florist (and beyond)

Before I was a PhD student, I ran a Florists, Sandwich Bar and Bed & Breakfast (pictured) in a village just outside Norwich. I found the cut flowe


Financial Markets

I do not interact much with physical supply chain; but I do with a virtual one. Working in financial markets means that I sell stocks (or other sec


You can’t avoid the supply chain

I am very aware of my interaction with supply chains as a consumer - literally everything I use & consume is the result of often very complex sup


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